Building New Collectives

During the “AI Experiment” vernissage at Lovelab Berlin Sophie interviews Tim Ra on the elementary essence of art.

AI Experiment

Over the past 365 days, Tim Ra has embarked on a fantastical journey inside artificial intelligence to explore the aesthetic, cultural and social fabric of AI art, reaching millions on social media with messages both challenging and empowering.

AI Experiment Vernissage

Grand Exhibition “AI Experiment” @ Friendly Society Berlin.

Video Premiere: Cosmic Golddust

Jens “Plankton” Strüver and Tim Ra are Ambient Astronauts, guiding us on a wondrous odyssey through the cosmic annals, from the explosive birth of the universe to a far-off future where all is drawn inexorably into the maw of a black hole, only to be reborn anew.

Waiting for HUO

We waited for Hans Ulrich Obrist at Max Dax’ legendary Captain’s Dinner. Until he came.

Exhibition | Kollaps

Works and performances in an age of radical rupture. Video works with Marisa Akeny, Steve Morell, Jochen Arbeit, Max Dax and others reflect the turmoil and violence of our time – with sound and music by Justin Evans, Jochen Arbeit, Lupus Zaeschke, Rock Strongo, Jens Strüver and Robert Defcon.

Vernissage | NSA Complex

The NSA Complex is the first experimental series in lovelab featuring works by Justin Evans, B.B., Txus Parras, Robert Defcon and many others.

Film | Vup Lounge

“We looked at each other and smiled” (C. Malaparte). A brilliant night with Simon Dokkedal (Den Sorte Skole), H.P. Baxxter (Scooter), Alva Noto, Max Dax and Thomas Fehlmann on the turntables. Very Unimportant People Lounge hosted by Max Dax. A film by Robert Defcon.

We are Anonymous

“We are Anonymous” is an American perspective on the failure of Western geopolitics since 9/11.

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