Black Lotus Warriors

The Black Lotus Warriors are on the move, sharpening their blades guarding the streets of Tokyo. Descendants of Yasuke, the first black Samurai, they patrol the city with acute alertness – and deadly force when necessary.


The tale of the Onna-Oyabun, or the Yakuza godmother, is deeply ingrained in Japanese mainstream consciousness, thanks in large part to pop cultural influences such as the “Yakuza Wives” series and the character of O-ren Ishii from Kill Bill.

Beyond the Divide

“We are not above nature, but rather a part of it”. Mahatma Gandhi

Future Love

When the boundaries of flesh and circuitry dissolved, humans and androids discovered a profound intimacy.


Continually producing bizarre and multicolored formations, the ocean on the planet Solaris has the ability to create deceptively real copies of humans.


On the brink of nuclear war, a group of seasoned psychonauts embarks on a bizarre mission to change the fabric of reality itself.

Video Premiere: Cosmic Golddust

Jens “Plankton” Strüver and Tim Ra are Ambient Astronauts, guiding us on a wondrous odyssey through the cosmic annals, from the explosive birth of the universe to a far-off future where all is drawn inexorably into the maw of a black hole, only to be reborn anew.

Marizla | Darker than blue

Anti-racist performance against the backdrop of burning refugee homes in Rostock-Lichtenhagen 1992.

Steve Morell | Eating Cash

Steve Morell is eating cash.

Jochen Arbeit | Noise

A cubist performance.

Wolfgang Müller | Spirits

The spirit of the machine. In this episode of the Kollaps series, Wolfgang Müller (Die Tödliche Doris) makes contact with the spirit world.

Waiting for HUO

We waited for Hans Ulrich Obrist at Max Dax’ legendary Captain’s Dinner. Until he came.

Menschheit | Tim Ra

“Wo Liebe war, wird Liebe sein: Menschheit von ihren Ketten zu befreien”. Für Arbeits- und Lebenswelten, in denen jeder werden kann, der er ist.

Film | Vup Lounge

“We looked at each other and smiled” (C. Malaparte). A brilliant night with Simon Dokkedal (Den Sorte Skole), H.P. Baxxter (Scooter), Alva Noto, Max Dax and Thomas Fehlmann on the turntables. Very Unimportant People Lounge hosted by Max Dax. A film by Robert Defcon.

B.B. | A parallel Structure

As president Erdogan is cleaning away the “parallel structure” supposedly behind the coup, Turkey is turning into a darker place.

We are Anonymous

“We are Anonymous” is an American perspective on the failure of Western geopolitics since 9/11.

Patrick Tchoulo | 2033

How could such a highly evolved civilization collapse?

Carrie Hampel | Nuclear Energy

What if it happens again? 30 years after Chernobyl almost destroyed Eastern Europe and five years after Fukushima underscored the nuclear threat, Carrie Hampel shows the cost of nuclear energy. Live performance on February 16, 2016 @

Ömer Aslan | Superman

Superman’s final mission.

Jupiter | Albuminfo

“Jupiter” tells of love and the power of utopia.

Mary Lou | Videoclip

Hinter Gittern begegnet :tim einer dunklen Schönheit.

Liebende | Show that love

Tête à deux of golden dragons. Egyptian Mama & Tim Ra live @

Am Ufer | Tim Ra

„Sag mir, was heißt Liebe, wenn das Herz zerreißt?“

Muscheln | Videoclip

Eine Geschichte der Gezeiten und der Liebe. Alles hat seine Zeit. Und doch ist es ein ewiger Kreislauf.

Zwölf himmlische Flows | :tim

Eine Fingerübung. Improvisierte Vocal-Warm-Up-Session mit Joe Mexicano & :tim am 4.12.2019.

Loveparty Intl. | Tim Ra

Diese Frauen wissen, was sie wollen: Loveparty International. Genuss, Exzess, Verschwendung. Dank Clip-Regisseur Gregor Marvel ist das Studio 54 in Berlin gelandet.

Das Salz | Olivia & Tim Ra

»Wir sind hierhergekommen, das Wunder zu verstehen – und all das Salz in unseren Tränen« :tim | »Muscheln« | Das neue Album | 2020

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