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We are Anonymous | An American Suite | Oscillator 1

“Understanding brings understanding. Truth brings truth. Love brings love. What do you bring? We are Anonymous.”

Click here for the article in Frankfurter Rundschau on “We are Anonymous”.

“We are Anonymous” is an American perspective on the failure of Western geopolitics since 9/11.

1. The Fall [Attacks on WTC, September 11, 2001]
2. A Great Cause [Presidential Address, September 20, 2001]
3. Battlefield 3 [Beginning of Iraq War, March 20, 2003]
4. A Flash of Red [Iraq Veterans Confessions, 2008]
5. Baghdad Secret Subway [Anonymous Speech]
6. Change [Obama Presidential Campaign, 2008]
7. Justice Will Be Done [From Bin Ladens Death to the Islamic State, 2011-2015]

As performed live by Oscillator 1 in on May 16th, 2015.

Oscillator 1 are Rock Strongo and Robert Defcon.

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